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Comedy wildlife photography is the best wildlife photography

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Julian Rad

A lot of wildlife photography competitions focus on animals looking majestic or human or weird. But not many pay credit to them looking funny. Enter, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which is all about animals looking, well, comedic. This is the first year the competition has run, with the judges sending out requests a few months ago for images that are "funny, creative, dynamic, and interesting [...] as well as technically proficient." This sounds pretty dull, but listen, there's this picture of a hippo running away from some birds just below and believe me, it is amazing.

The top prize in the competition went to Julian Rad for their picture "Rush Hour" (above) of a hamster running full tilt with its cheeks even fuller. Second place went to William Richardson, who captured a well-disguised deer in London's Richmond Park, and in third place was Oliver Dreike, who photographed one of the most beautiful sights in the animal kingdom: a gorilla picking its nose. All three winners collected Nikon cameras, with Rad also receiving a one-week photography safari in Tanzania.

“The number and quality of the entries was fantastic,” said British comedian Hugh Dennis, one of the award's judges. “The finalists should be very proud of themselves, as should the animals they photographed, simply for looking so funny. Sadly there is no way of telling them.”

All images credited to their respective owners and the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy wildlife photography awards


Silver Runner Up, William Richardson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards