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The latest Twin Peaks teaser shows the 'sacred places' of the Pacific Northwest

Showtime's Twin Peaks revival will finally arrive in 2017, meaning there's still plenty of time for David Lynch to pump his trademark weirdness into the new series. Today, fans are getting a tiny tease of the crew setting up shop in the rural Washington town where the show was originally filmed. The spot, which features Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk during the show's first run, explains that the region has "a lot of sacred places." That sense of haunting, even unsettling beauty pervaded Twin Peaks at its height, and it looks like that's the first thing being recreated for the reboot.

This teaser also represents the first we're seeing of working being done for the series. Previous teasers have repurposed older footage to promote the show's return, including that of the "Man from Another Place" dancing in Agent Dale Cooper's dreams. It may be some time before we see clips from the revival itself, but we're looking forward to it.