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The pilot for Netflix's Making a Murderer series is on YouTube

Netflix's new true crime documentary series Making a Murderer premiered today, and it's already getting glowing reviews from critics. As the streaming service's very own Serial, their series follows Steven Avery, a man who served 18 years in prison for rape before being exonerated based on DNA evidence, only to be arrested two years later for murder. Seemingly to build up interest in the show, Netflix has released the first episode on YouTube for free viewing.

Making a Murderer premieres as the true crime genre has exploded in popularity, thanks to Serial — which just entered its second season — and HBO's The Jinx. Fans of murder mysteries should like what they see; the first episode begins with Avery returning home after his 18-year stint, ready to repair his life. What happens after that is explored in detail in the episodes that follow. Viewers will just need a Netflix subscription to find out.