McLaren 675LT: a selection of awesome high-res wallpapers from our drive

Jason Harper had a chance recently to spend a full day at the track with McLaren's superlative 675LT, an ultra-limited modification of the 650S that takes everything up a notch or two. As Jason learned, the car is an absolute beast to drive — you can ask a lot of it, and it'll ask a lot of you in return.

As you might expect, we walked away from the 675LT with gigabytes of footage, far more than we actually needed for this week's Harper Spin. We couldn't bear to throw away the leftovers. So here are some of our favorite photos — shot by our own Sean O'Kane — at full resolution. Just click on a photo to pull up the high-res original.

And when you're done with that, don't forget to take a look at our video and story on this incredible machine.