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America's Got Talent is letting contestants audition online

You need a strong voice, and stronger Wi-Fi

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

America's Got Talent has partnered with live-streaming app YouNow to let contestants audition online. According to Variety, the talent show is holding hour-long open castings for its eleventh season over the next nine weeks. (Although the show's YouNow channel already includes two hour-long sessions from the 11th and 20th of November.) This is just the preliminary casting, with hopefuls performing for producers in order to secure a chance to audition in front of the show's judges on TV.

YouNow users broadcast 50,000 hours of content every day

YouNow itself is perhaps better known for its amateur live-streamers who perform for audiences or just broadcast their daily life, attracting fans (and donations) with their low-key voyeurism. Users broadcast 50,000 hours of video content on YouNow every day, and the site's founder and CEO Adi Sideman says the partnership with America's Got Talent will "make the opportunity to be part of the most popular talent show on TV within anyone’s reach."

Guidance for live-streaming auditions is boiled down to four bullet points on the show's YouNow channel: develop a "stellar" routine no longer than 90 seconds; describe your talent in your bio; pose for a picture; and "make sure you have a strong internet connection." Judging by past auditions, this last piece of advice is perhaps the most important. The only thing more frustrating than your voice failing you midway through Adele's "Hello," is getting booted out of your audition by your own dodgy Wi-Fi.