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Amazon updates its Fire tablet to make it better for night readers

It's also adding new parental controls

If you've had trouble reading on your Fire tablet at night, Amazon may have a solution to your problem. As part of its first major update for Fire OS 5, Amazon is bringing a brand new feature called Blue Shade — which alters display color and brightness for optimal nighttime reading — to its line of Fire tablets.

Amazon says studies have shown the blue light emitted from tablet displays can alter sleep patterns and suppress melatonin production if viewed at night. To remedy that, Blue Shade will utilize specialized filters to limit blue light exposure and allow users to easily add warmer filters and bring brightness to their desired levels for reading at night.

Blue Shade is very similar to f.lux, a popular tool that lets users alter the displays of their computers and iOS devices to match the color of the room they're in. Amazon says Blue Shade will begin rolling out over the next two weeks, so we'll soon find out if it can match up to f.lux's capabilities.

Amazon is adding a kid-friendly browser to the Fire tablet

Amazon is also adding more parental controls as part of the update. An Activity Center will show parents how their children are utilizing their Fire tablet, which will show how much time their kids spend playing games, reading, and watching videos. It will also give parents access to browsing history and which apps have been accessed. Amazon is also launching a kid-friendly browser for the Fire tablets. The browser will offer a curated selection of 40,000 age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites which Amazon says have been hand-selected by its team of experts. The browser can be turned on through Amazon FreeTime, its parental control center.

The update has begun rolling out to Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8, and Fire tablets today and should be complete within the next two weeks.

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