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Watch Lego Sisyphus push a boulder, reflect on the fact that it's only Wednesday

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has created a kinetic sculpture of Sisyphus, the Greek mythological character punished to repeatedly push a boulder up a hill for eternity. As if to lighten the load, Allmen created his representation with Legos.

The work was inspired by a Disney research team's project titled, "Computational Design of Mechanical Characters." In a video from 2013, the group presents software "that allows non-expert users to create animated mechanical characters." The first demonstration in the video is a more traditional version of the Sisyphus sculpture.

Alleman has paid it forward, publishing the directions for his Lego model available on his website both as a PDF and Digital Model Files. Or, if you'd prefer to adapt your favorite Greek myth into a new kinetic Lego sculpture, you can learn more about Disney's research project from the team's paper, published for ACM SIGGRAPH 2013.