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Check out the first full trailer for Girls' fifth season

It premieres February 21st on HBO

Lena Dunham's Girls has run long enough to fulfill a major part of its promise. It's created a web of connections and relationships just as weird and tangled as anything in real life. In the first extended look at the show's fifth season, Hannah Horvath (Dunham) is making out with her gay-but-curious ex in front of her straight-laced new boyfriend and fielding calls about her father, who's fresh out of the closet; Marnie (Alison Williams) is getting married to a relative stranger in drag queen-worthy makeup; Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) actually managed to make it to Japan. People change, move around, and fight, and they still end up at each other's weddings and dinner parties. Girls is never going to be the generation-defining comedy of everyone's dreams, but it's still nailing that key detail.

The show's fifth season is set to premiere on HBO on February 21st.