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Volvo S90 revealed: Sweden declares automotive war on the Germans

Following the XC90, the reinvention of Volvo continues

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Volvo is looking to revamp its entire lineup by 2019. First was the XC90 SUV, released earlier this year. It's drawing high praise and helped Volvo almost double its US sales from last November to this November. Next up on the redesign list is the S90 luxury sedan.

The car was unveiled to the assembled press at an event today at Volvo HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will be debut to the world at the Detroit Auto Show next month. In many ways, it's the sedan version of the XC90: similar engines, similar chassis, similar infotainment, similar design. That's not a bad thing.

The XC90 is one of the best cars on the market today and, if a 7-passenger isn't your thing, you'll soon be able to buy it as a luxury sedan, competing against things like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class.

Volvo Engine

Volvo has spent billions to develop an entirely new engine platform focusing on small, turbo-, and supercharged engines. It has a new chassis platform that is flexible enough to support everything from 7-passenger SUVs to smaller sporty sedans. If the XC90 was step one in the reinvention of Volvo, the S90 is step two.

The S90 will come with a couple new features meant, in true Volvo fashion, to keep you safe. First up is an improved version of Pilot Assist, the semi-autonomous driving feature that debuted on the XC90. It allows the car to automatically make "gentle steering inputs" to keep the car in a lane, while the adaptive cruise control maintains speed. All the driver needs to do is keep one hand on the wheel. It's almost, but not quite, like Tesla's Autopilot.

It'll Keep You safe

Volvo has also improved its City Safety feature. Normally it recognizes pedestrians and can slow or stop the car if an impact is imminent. With the S90, the car will also detect large animals like deer, elk, horses, or moose and then alert the driver and offer brake support to avoid a collision.

The T6 supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine comes over from the XC90, as does the T8 plug-in hybrid engine. New to the lineup is the T5, a turbocharged-only version of the T6. Horsepower and torque weren't revealed, but expect the T6 and T8 to come in near the 316HP and 400HP produced by those when they're in the XC90.

Expect much more on the S90, including pricing, next month at the Detroit Auto Show.

Volvo S90


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