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Twitter is trying to solve the Apple TV login problem

Twitter is trying to solve the Apple TV login problem


Digits now works on tvOS

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Digits — Twitter's password replacement tool — now works with Apple's tvOS operating system, and it could help solve one of the biggest problems with the Apple TV: the arduous process of logging into apps. The company released step-by-step instructions today for developers who want to include its time-saving login interface in their tvOS apps on the Digits blog.

With Digits, developers can get rid of the need to type out email addresses and passwords when logging into tvOS apps. In place of all that hunting and pecking, Digits-powered apps will give users a unique code and prompt them to enter it at on their phone or computer. It's essentially the same idea that Facebook proposed last week when it announced its own SDK for tvOS, and while it's still a bit wonky, it will definitely save users some time — especially those with long email addresses and passwords.

Apple still has a long way to go when it comes to improving the overall typing experience on the Apple TV, but with refinements to voice search being promised and workarounds like the new ones from Digits and Facebook, at least some relief is on the horizon.

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