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Over 10 million fans tried to buy tickets to Adele's North American tour

Over 10 million fans tried to buy tickets to Adele's North American tour


Considering there were only 750,000 seats available, many left unhappy

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There's only one thing that can make people angry with Adele. Yes, you guessed right, it's Ticketmaster — the service we all love to hate. When tickets for Adele's North American tour went on sale Wednesday morning, the virtual box office was literally crushed when over 10 million fans rushed the site. Up for grabs were some 750,000 tickets for her 25 album tour across the continent.

No one likes Ticketmaster

Unsurprisingly, the crush of visitors meant a whole lot of people were stuck in digital queues and were rewarded with not a single ticket to show for it. Ticketmaster, which loves to stick it to fans with its handsome "convenience fees," unsurprisingly took the brunt of complaints. Despite the anger, a source at the company tells Billboard that the site "did not crash and performed very well, in spite of truly unprecedented demand." And in a separate memo, the company's North American president thanked the staff for "just how well the systems (and you all) performed yesterday."

Just how unprecedented was the demand? Ticketmaster says that the 10 million-plus figure represents an "all-time record," and according to Billboard's source, over 4 million tried to buy tickets for the six shows in New York City alone. Perhaps the craziness isn't so surprising considering sales of Adele's 25, which crushed all single-week records.

The tour opens on July 5th in St. Paul, Minnesota, and continues for over four months until it wraps up in Mexico City on November 15th. It includes six shows each in New York and Los Angeles.