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This Lexus is riding on wheels and tires made entirely of ice

This Lexus is riding on wheels and tires made entirely of ice

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The headline pretty much says it all: here's a Lexus NX — the company's small crossover — fitted with wheels and "tires" made of glowing ice. Lexus UK worked with a British ice sculpting company to make the stunt happen, laser-scanning the NX's real wheels to recreate them in frozen water. Then, the vehicle was left to freeze for five days at -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F) before rolling out under its own power.

Considering that the NX has a curb weight hovering around 4,000 pounds, the stunt is impressive from a design and engineering perspective, but never mind all that: it just looks incredibly awesome. (The eerie blue backlighting certainly doesn't hurt.) I wouldn't recommend this setup for winter driving since the goal is usually to avoid ice — but then again, I wouldn't recommend it for summer driving, either, considering that your wheels would cease to exist within an hour or two.

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