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Microsoft acquires Ray Ozzie's Talko messaging app

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Microsoft has been acquiring a number of different mobile apps over the past couple of years, but today's purchase is particularly interesting. Microsoft is buying Talko, a messaging app that started off life with Ray Ozzie, former Microsoft chief architect. Ozzie created Lotus Notes before joining Microsoft, and was instrumental in focusing Microsoft on the cloud thanks in part to his famous The Internet Services Disruption memo. Ozzie won't be returning to Microsoft as part of the acquisition, but the software giant appears to be acquiring the rest of the team and Talko's technology as part of the deal.

Microsoft is planning to use Talko as part of its Skype and Skype for Business apps. Talko works by allowing consumers and businesses to collaborate with live voice communications. It's designed to replace a conference line with cloud-based calls and the ability to record an entire team conversation to share with others later. It's an app that's suited for big enterprises and businesses, so it looks like a natural fit for Microsoft's Skype for Business app.

Talko itself will close over the next several months, as Microsoft works to integrate the app features into Skype and Skype for Business. While Ray Ozzie won't be re-joining Microsoft, he has no immediate plans. "I remain a builder, and I love helping great product teams have broad impact with their work," says Ozzie in an email to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. "Looking forward to figuring out what's next."