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SpaceX captured the Falcon 9 rocket's launch and landing in one photo

SpaceX captured the Falcon 9 rocket's launch and landing in one photo


A nice, simple, 11-minute exposure

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SpaceX just launched a rocket to space and safely landed the first stage, in case you hadn't heard. The historic feat marks a huge shift in the private space industry, as the idea of a reusable rocket is now on the table.

But another pretty impressive feat was accomplished Monday night — one of SpaceX's photographers took a long exposure image that captured the rocket's takeoff and landing all in the same shot. (This is one you'll definitely want to see in high resolution.)

The image was taken with a Canon 50D, and the exposure was a whopping 660 seconds. (It was shot at f22 with an ISO of 100, for you camera nerds). On the left you see the Falcon 9's ascent into space. After the first stage separated and began its fall back to Earth, engines ignited to steady the descent, and we see that here at the top right of the photo. Then, as it neared the ground, the rocket started a control burn that landed it safely back at Cape Canaveral.

Here's a different look:

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