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SNL's best sketch this week never aired

SNL's best sketch this week never aired

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You don't watch Saturday Night Live anymore. You think it stopped being funny years ago, coincidentally around the time you graduated from high school or college. The new cast sucks, even though you haven't really seen their stuff. I get that. I've had similar feelings at various points in my life, only to be sucked back into my fandom of the never-as-good-nor-as-bad as you think it is sketch show.

Even in its best season, the show is inconsistent in quality from episode to episode, giving haters plenty of ammo. And yet Saturday Night Live episodes that air the week before Christmas are reliably great. The holiday spirit at Rockefeller Center is like a magnet for the show's alumni, who are flattered with great scripts that one suspects were held by their writers for this special moment. This week's episode starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey didn't disappoint, particularly with the unsettlingly hilarious "Meet Your Second Wife," (below) in which grown men meet the young girls that will years down the line become their new spouses. It's better if you just watch.

Somehow, though, the best sketch didn't make it to air. Kyle Mooney and Amy Poehler play siblings in a passive battle of who could care less that becomes rather sweet. Until the end, that is. It feels like a number of Mooney's sketches have been scrapped from the live broadcast, only to appear on YouTube. That's fine. The internet may be the best place for his strange humor to find an appreciative audience.

The sketch is warm, charming, and kind of grotesque, a throwback to, well, whenever you thought this show was good.