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Microsoft’s huge Surface Hub displays delayed again

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They now cost more, too

Microsoft's Surface Hub displays are once again taking an even longer route to market than planned. The displays were announced last January and are meant to offer an all-in-one conferencing system for businesses by building webcams, Bluetooth, NFC, pen input, and 100 points of multitouch into 55-inch and 84-inch 4K screens. They were originally meant to ship in September, with prices at $6,999 and $19,999. Shipments were later pushed back to January 1st, and ZDNet now reports that they're now scheduled to begin shipping even further out, sometime in the next three months.

Alongside the delay, the Surface Hubs are also seeing a price hike. ZDNet reports that their prices are rising by $2,000 each, to $8,999 and $21,999. Customers who have preorders in will be able to keep their existing price, but new orders will have to pay more. In a statement to ZDNet explaining the price increase, Microsoft essentially tries to say that the Surface Hub is so good that customers ought to be paying more for it. As for the shipment delay, Microsoft says that it's now finalizing its manufacturing plans.