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The Beatles are now streaming from your favorite music service

The Beatles are now streaming from your favorite music service


Available everywhere at midnight local time

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The world's most famous band will be available on a variety of streaming services at midnight. Timed perfectly for Christmas Day, The Beatles' catalog will be available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Slacker, Tidal, Groove, Rhapsody, Deezer, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. Beatles fans will be able to stream all 13 remastered studio albums, and four of the band's special collection albums at 12:01AM local time on December 24th (it’s already Christmas Eve in New Zealand).

Spotify has confirmed that both free and premium users will be able to access all of The Beatles' tracks, making them available to a wide range of people alongside various streaming services. This is the first time the entire Beatles catalog will be available to stream online, a big step forward from when the albums first appeared to purchase on iTunes in 2010.

The Beatles are available everywhere

Until now, the iconic Beatles discography had been absent from on-demand streaming music services. It was particularly noticeable at the launch of Apple Music, where the lack of Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, and other classic albums showed that holes existed in Apple's streaming catalog. Just a few years ago, Apple pumped serious advertising dollars into announcing the iTunes debut of Paul, John, George, and Ringo in 2010, which came a year after the band's discography was remastered and re-released on CD in 2009. The individual band members have already embraced streaming for their solo careers, but it took longer for The Beatles to get a deal done.

It's very possible you've heard The Beatles on Pandora, which isn't subject to the exact same terms and licensing requirements as Apple, Spotify, and others. But there, you're at the mercy of the company's algorithms and can't simply listen to "Get Back" or "A Day in the Life" on a whim. Spotify has managed to deliver some important (if temporary) exclusives of its own over the last couple years, including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but it's nice to see that The Beatles will be available wherever you feel like listening.