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Seinfeld parody @Seinfeld2000 made a slow jam with How to Dress Well

Seinfeld parody @Seinfeld2000 made a slow jam with How to Dress Well


It's called 'The Speed Dial'

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If you like Seinfeld parody Twitter accounts and smoothly seductive pop from perpetually sad boys, maybe you'll like "The Speed Dial," a new collaborative song from musician How To Dress Well and @Seinfeld2000. (If you don't know, @Seinfeld2000 imagines what Seinfeld would look like if it were on TV today). The song might be a celebration of today's Festivus, or it might just be a song whose release happened to coincide with a Seinfeld-created holiday.

The track is an ode to the 154th episode of Seinfeld titled "The Millennium," in which Jerry gets caught up in a speed dial rankings war with his girlfriend. "The Speed Dial" sounds like every other How To Dress Well song, except the lyrics are about Jerry Seinfeld trying to move up from number seven to number one on his significant other's landline speed dial. You can watch the video for the track below, complete with lyrics. Over at Noisey, @Seinfeld2000 called the song, "Hotline Bling Pt. 2," but that's for you to decide.