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Google and Microsoft launch Santa trackers that let kids explore the globe

Google and Microsoft are once again giving kids a better way to wait for Santa's arrival than looking at the clock. Both have launched their own Santa tracking websites, which don't just track his course as Christmas Day arrives around the globe, but also give kids ways to explore the world and find out more about the places he's flying over. Google lets you click on points of interest to load photos and information from Wikipedia about each location; Microsoft, which is again launching its tracker in partnership with NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), is taking a similar approach, loading up Bing search results for whichever location you select.

Both Google and Microsoft go a lot further than putting up a map. They're both also offering games themed for the holiday, some of which are educational. Like last year, Google has a game that lets kids learn to code. And Microsoft has a separate map (seen below) that highlights holiday traditions in different countries around the world. Of course, both have plenty of less educational games too, from Google's elf-filled music maker to Microsoft's Flapping Bird. Whatever makes the wait until Christmas morning easier, I suppose.