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Apple wants Samsung to pay another $180 million for copying its design

Apple wants Samsung to pay another $180 million for copying its design


For five Samsung phones sold after 2012

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Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Apple is demanding Samsung pay an additional $180 million in the companies' long-running patent dispute. The request comes less than two weeks after Samsung finally agreed to pay Apple $548 million in accordance with the original verdict. But now Apple says it's owed additional money for interest and supplemental damages related to five phone models sold after 2012, when Samsung was first found guilty of infringing Apple's patents.

Apple filed the motion yesterday in a US District Court in California. It's unclear which Samsung phones Apple is seeking damages for because a majority of the documents are sealed from public viewing at the moment. The filing was first noticed today by patent expert Florian Mueller, who has been following the intricacies of the case on his blog FOSS Patents.

Samsung paid $548 million on December 14th — and now Apple wants more

Apple initially asked for $2.5 billion when the lawsuit kicked off in 2011, but that figure was whittled down to less than $1 billion in the 2012 verdict. An appeals court ruled that Apple could not legally trademark the iPhone's appearance in May of this year, leaving Samsung on the hook for $548 million, which it paid on December 14th. Both companies last year agreed to drop litigation outside of the US, but a complex web of appeals means the case is still tied up in court.

Although money has begun changing hands, the patent dispute may be entering an even more contentious phase. Samsung claims the 2012 verdict was incorrect, and it's asked the US Supreme Court to review the evidence and help remedy the country's patent system in the process. If the Supreme Court picks up the case, it could force a retrial and may potentially reshape how design patent cases are handled in the future.