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The Verge's best longform stories from 2015

12 stories to curl up with

In 2015, The Verge published over 40 longform features. We went to Cuba, we learned what it was like attending day care with monkeys, we discovered the dark history behind Rube Goldberg machines — we even sat down with astrology guru Susan Miller!

But we get it. Longform is… long! It has a tendency to get lost at the bottom of your Pocket. So, we’ve collected some of The Verge's best features from 2015 for you to read while you’re curled up in your post-glazed ham stupor. Consider it our gift to you.

  1. The code cropped

    The Code

    To communicate with soldiers being held hostage by the FARC, the Colombian military needed an ingenious solution. So they turned to an ad man.

  2. flatworms cropped

    Memory in the Flesh

    In the 1950s, Dr. James V. McConnell was labeled a radical scientist for suggesting that memories could survive outside the brain. But new research suggests he may have been right.

  3. Max Headroom Cropped

    Live and Direct

    On the 30th anniversary of Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future's debut, we published the definitive oral history of this '80s digital icon.

  4. Dark Horse cropped

    Dark Horse

    Forget Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Ford GTs — the Zombie 222, an electrified '68 Mustang fastback from Austin, is one of the quickest street cars in the world.

  5. Seinfeld cropped

    What's the deal with translating Seinfeld?

    Translator Sabine Sebastian tried to bring Seinfeld to Germans, yada yada yada, it flopped. Jennifer Armstrong, author of the forthcoming book Seinfeldia investigates.

  6. The Awl cropped

    Website, Profiled

    Why are the most important people in media reading The Awl, a small publication intent on bucking media's dominant trends?

  7. Comic Con cropped

    Comic Conman

    A true crime tale of comic books, corruption, and a $9 million vanishing act.

  8. New Devil's Dictionary cropped

    The New Devil's Dictionary

    We updated Ambrose Bierce's satirical 1906 dictionary for an era that desperately needs it.

  9. Sound Decision Cropped

    Sound Decision

    Adi Robertson steps in the world of audio branding with Skype’s new pings, bounces, and pops.

  10. YouTube Cropped

    Red Dawn

    Ben Popper takes an inside look at YouTube’s new ad-free subscription service and what it means to a growing army of content creators.

  11. Syncardia Cropped

    The heart is just a pump

    For half a century, doctors have dreamed of building a permanent mechanical heart. They're finally getting close.

  12. transhumanism cropped

    President for Life

    Zoltan Istvan very much wants to be the next president of the United States. But not anywhere near as badly as he wants to live forever.