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Watch 900-horsepower race trucks do insane things in the snow

Considering how many extreme sports Red Bull has its fingers in, it probably comes as no surprise that the company runs an annual event where big trucks slide around on frozen tundra. The machines, called Pro 4 trucks, are big, all-wheel-drive race pickups equipped with studded snow tires, making for some of the most hair-raising side-by-side racing action you can find. The event — "Frozen Rush," Red Bull calls it — takes place at Maine's Sunday River Ski Resort on January 8th after qualifying the day before, and it's almost certainly going to be completely nuts.

The Verge will be in Las Vegas covering the Consumer Electronics Show that week, but you may want to take a break from the nonstop CES action to check this out — it'll stream live. In the meantime, Red Bull has a highlight reel that you can watch up above.

It looks equal parts fun and terrifying. Mostly terrifying, actually. The actual racing starts at 11AM Eastern on the 8th.