(Discussion) Technology - 2030


So, we all here at The Verge love technology. I do too. It's the greatest mover of all, the driving force behind change from eating to sleeping to working to even politics. It has changed all since the dawn of time (or more conservatively, the dawn of agriculture), and will inevitably continue to do so.

We are now in a key period of our history. This is the greatest and grandest time ever recorded. Our tech shapes our lives, or communities, our fun, our loves, and almost everything else. Not to mention that the vice versa is completely true as well. Perhaps since the end of the second world war, our innovations have transformed every aspect of our lives. Of course, the biggest change of all is probably the internet, which I fail to believe a single industry hasn't been transformed by. And this is all the last 100 years or so. Keep in mind that our progress is speeding up.

So, I want you all to imagine the world in 2000. Now imagine it today. What changed, what's different, what's better (and perhaps worse)?

Now, imagine the world in 2030. That's what this discussion is about. What will the world be 15 years from the present? How will our everyday lives differ, and how will everything work in the grand scope?

In a reply as long or short as you'd like (a 100-page essay is just as good as a one word exclamation), what will the world be like in 2030?

You can give the reply in any form you'd like, but two recommended ways are in the form of a story of an everyman's everyday life, and a simple description. Either work just fine.

Have fun, stay on topic, and be kind! :)