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Get ready for the X-Files mini-series with this 21-minute featurette

Get ready for the X-Files mini-series with this 21-minute featurette


Fox, Dana, and a more than a few other familiar faces

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After 13 years off the air, Fox is bringing The X-Files back for a six-episode mini-series next month. And while a number of set photos, teasers, and trailers have been released this year, series creator Chris Carter has kept the new episodes under fairly tight wraps. But this new 21-minute featurette released by Fox (seen above) sets up the new episodes nicely by reminding viewers about where the show left off in 2002, what the series is all about, and — of course — tons of Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).

The featurette doesn't just prey on nostalgia, though. We learn some new things, like how Carter hired Joel McHale — one of the new faces this time around — after seeing his performance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. We also learn a bit more about the structure of the mini-series from Carter, who shares that the first and last episodes will focus on the show's mythology and biggest story arcs.

The four episodes in between will take on a more "monster of the week" style, giving Mulder and Scully a more specific problem that they can solve neatly in the allotted 42-minute time frame. While that alternating style is more rare these days (Fox pretty shamelessly copied it with Fringe in 2009) it was a big strength for the show in its heyday, pleasing fans so much that Carter decided to bring it back.

A great look back, but a pretty deep look forward, too

Be warned — the featurette is full of spoilers for both the series' original run as well as the new episodes. There are some plot details, Carter promises a "twist" in the mythology, there are a few solid glimpses of one of the new monsters, and we also learn that one of the major characters in the series' mythology — who was thought to be dead — is still alive. So if you want to go into the experience completely clean next month, now's the time to be mindful where you click — because the truth... well, you know.