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Please buy this Fast & Furious Jetta from Frankie Muniz

Please buy this Fast & Furious Jetta from Frankie Muniz

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Spotted by Car and Driver, I give you Barrett-Jackson Lot 793, a heavily decorated 1995 Volkswagen Jetta that will be going up for auction at the firm's Scottsdale, Arizona event toward the end of January.

Don't know what's so special about it? I don't fault you for not recognizing it immediately, because it was driven by one of the one-and-done characters from the original The Fast and The Furious from 2001 — Jesse, a kid in Dom's crew who met an untimely end and was never mentioned again.

None of that really matters, though: the important thing you need to know is that this Jetta is being offered by Frankie Muniz of Agent Cody Banks and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! fame. There's no word on why Muniz is selling it, but it seems he's decided that it's time for another collector to enjoy owning this extraordinarily minor piece of Fast & Furious history. (It's also a great chance to own a car from the series if you missed out on Paul Walker's Supra.)

As for the Jetta's specs, it's not as hot as the movie would have you believe — it's got a four-speed automatic, for goodness' sake — but it's signed by Paul Walker and features a PlayStation 2 hooked into a custom stereo, just the way Jesse would've wanted it.

So please: for Frankie's sake, for Volkswagen's sake, and for the good of the franchise, please consider placing a bid.

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