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Ford files patent for rear tire that converts into an electric unicycle

It might not be long before we see a Ford concept car that borrows an idea from the Batmobile. Back in June, the automaker filed for a patent that describes a car with a rear tire designed to pull double duty as an electric unicycle. The patent imagines a situation where you'd pull over (or park), lift the vehicle with the help of its automatic jack, remove the tire, and get everything else you need — seat, handlebars, motor, etc. — from the trunk.

Put it all together and you'd end up with a rideable that could make the last part of your commute a little easier to manage and more fun. Patent Yogi first reported on the patent, published last week and filed for in June. And yes, it does all sound a bit like the Batpod scene from The Dark Knight (albeit slightly less cool), and as Gizmodo notes, Ford's unicycle design isn't far off from the Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle that our own Ben Popper took for a ride back in January.

You won't be seeing this on any of Ford's production vehicles in the near future, but it's always possible that we'll see it pop up as part of some zany concept car sooner or later.