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Ford announces voice-activated Siri support for 5 million cars

Ford announces voice-activated Siri support for 5 million cars

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If you own a Ford vehicle and an iPhone, congratulations: your car is getting an upgrade. Ford has announced that it's rolling out support for Apple's Siri Eyes-Free feature for 5 million of its cars, allowing drivers to activate Siri through a hardware button (usually located on the steering wheel) and issue voice commands. These include making phone calls, sending texts, setting reminders, checking the weather, getting directions, and playing music — pretty much all the things you might need your phone for in the car, but without a distracting screen.

Useful and less distracting, but not as advanced as Apple's CarPlay

Siri Eyes-Free integration has been accessible for some drivers for months now, but Ford is confirming today the feature's wider availability. Owners of cars from 2011 onwards equipped with MyFord Touch (also known as SYNC in some regions) will be able to download the update from Ford's website. However, while Siri Eyes-Free is certainly useful, it's not as advanced as Apple's CarPlay. Ford is one of Apple's partners on this new initiative, but as MacRumors points out, the latest we heard on a CarPlay-equipped Ford vehicle was that it would be arriving "relatively soon." In the meantime, there's Eyes-Free.