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United Airlines equips its airport staff with iPhones for on-the-go assistance

United Airlines

If you've ever been to a big Apple store before, you'll be familiar with the idea of staff using iPads and iPhones to take your order; walking the floor rather than staying behind terminals. United Airlines has noticed too, and is taking a page out of Apple's playbook, equipping more than 6,000 employees with the iPhone 6 Plus so that they can help customers anywhere in the airport. Staff will be able to print out boarding passes and baggage tags for customers who have already checked in, as well as helping find alternative flights and providing "additional attention to those with more complex needs."

United has previously given iPhones and iPads to flight attendants and pilots

Jon Roitman, United's senior vice president of airport operations said in a press statement that the iPhones would be especially useful during "severe weather and busier travel times." He added: "We have seen great success with the custom-made tools on the iPhone 6 Plus and believe expanding the use of a smart phone device with other applications is a great investment in our employees." United has previously distributed iPhones to its flight attendants this June to handle onboard sales, and iPads to its pilots in 2011, replacing heavy and bulky navigational charts.

United says a rollout of iPhones for airport-based staff has not yet been "fully determined," reports CNET, but is expected to start sometime next year.