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Google is making a huge clean energy investment to power its data centers

With an announcement today of six new solar and wind project deals, Google says it's massively increasing the amount of renewable power flowing to its data centers, the Associated Press reports. The deals will provide 842 megawatts of clean energy capacity as scheduled projects are completed in the United States, Chile, and Sweden over the next two years, bringing the company up to two gigawatts of renewable power capacity.

The company has previously said its goal is to triple the amount of renewable power it uses by 2025, and claimed before this deal that about a third of its operations were powered by clean energy. As Recode reports, Google is calling this the largest purchase of its kind from a non-utility company, and is coming as President Obama meets with world leaders in Paris for a historic summit on climate change. A few days ago, ahead of the talks, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg also announced plans for a clean energy research fund.