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You won’t need an invite to buy the OnePlus 2 starting this Friday

The OnePlus X will also be invite-free from December 5th to December 7th

If you've been interested in getting a OnePlus 2 but didn't have an invite, your wait is coming to an end. As part of its second anniversary celebration, OnePlus is permanently making its $329 flagship phone available invite-free on at midnight on December 5th.

There's no indication if the invite system will alleviate the long lead times on the OnePlus 2, as the company said it is "taking risks to push ourselves" by dropping the invitation system on its most popular product. OnePlus is currently sold out of the 16GB OnePlus 2, but stock is available for the 64GB edition, which sells for $389.

If you're in the market for the lower-end OnePlus X, you'll also be able to purchase it without an invite, but only from December 5th to December 7th. OnePlus is also putting a number of accessories on sale during the two-day period.