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Google's new Cardboard app turns your panoramic photos into 3D experiences

Google just released a new app for Cardboard that stitches together 3D panoramas so users can create and view their own virtual reality experiences. Cardboard Camera, currently available only for Android, essentially turns your smartphone into an amateur VR camera.

When taking a photo with Cardboard Camera, users move their phone around them in a circle, just like taking a panoramic photo. When the images are viewed using a Cardboard headset, they look three-dimensional. Users can record sound as they're taking a photo as well.


Cardboard Camera basically works like a photo sphere app, stitching together images and adding depth by showing slightly different views to the right and left eye. But it's a useful, if small expansion on Google's last Cardboard update. At the start of last month, Google added an update to the Cardboard app that allowed 3D, stereoscopic videos to be viewed on YouTube using a Cardboard headset.

Cardboard Camera will likely be available for iOS in the coming weeks.