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Vimeo begins rolling out 4K streaming

Vimeo is venturing into 4K streaming. The company today announced that it'll begin supporting Ultra HD streams for a subset of users, with everyone else receiving functionality some time early next year, Variety reports. Vimeo Pro subscribers have been able to upload videos in 4K for nearly a year but could only offer them as downloads. Vimeo said at the time it wasn’t allowing for streaming due to a lack of devices capable of handling Ultra HD video. Beyond being able to watch in 4K on, embedded players on third-party websites will support the high resolution, too.

Vimeo additionally announced that it'll be rolling out adaptive bitrate streaming for both its website and its various apps. The bitrate adjusts users’ streaming quality based off their internet connection and can support a resolution of up to 4K. Vimeo says the bitrate will work first on Apple TV (which only supports up to 1080p) and other iOS devices starting today, while Amazon TV, Roku, and Android devices will gain compatibility in the coming months.