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Jack White's record label will release the Hateful Eight soundtrack on vinyl

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Jack White's Nashville-based label Third Man Records will release the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's blizzard-shrouded western The Hateful Eight on vinyl. The four-side, 28-song soundtrack includes new work from Italian composer Ennio Morricone, despite a spat in 2013 during which Morricone said he never wanted to work with Tarantino again. Tarantino has used Morricone's music in several of his past films, but this is the first time Morricone has written compositions specifically for Tarantino.

In addition to the Morricone compositions, the soundtrack will also feature snippets of dialogue from the film as well as songs from artists like Roy Orbison, David Hess, and White's former band The White Stripes. The vinyl will come out on December 18th, and the non-vinyl version of the soundtrack will be released by the UK-based label Decca Records the same day.