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Game of Thrones season six trailer: 'They have no idea what's going to happen'

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HBO's biggest show comes back in April

Have you spent the last few weeks wondering about Jon Snow's fate? HBO isn't coughing up any answers with the first trailer for Game of Thrones' upcoming sixth season. He's featured prominently in the short teaser, but the voiceover that accompanies his visage isn't exactly promising. After that, it's a lot of quick, violent cuts and a final, tantalizing glimpse of Bran Stark in the throes of... something. A voice that sounds a lot like the young Stark tells us "they have no idea what's going to happen," and that's true in more ways than one: the show's getting ready to move past George R.R. Martin's books for the first time. Are you ready to explore uncharted terrain?

Game of Thrones returns to HBO in April.