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A global dream team of rideshare companies is joining forces to destroy Uber

A global dream team of rideshare companies is joining forces to destroy Uber


Lyft, Didi Kuaidi, GrabTaxi, and Ola teaming up to beat the ride-sharing industry's biggest player

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Trying to kill Uber is always in vogue, but it's getting an extra push lately. French Uber drivers have banded together to launch their own app to compete with the ride-share giant. And now Uber's largest competitors — Lyft, Ola, GrabTaxi, and Didi Kuaidi — are joining forces to take down the $62.5 billion company.

(The first inklings of the global anti-Uber alliance was reported by BuzzFeed back in January.)

Lyft is Uber's main rival in the US, while Ola, GrabTaxi, and Didi Kuaidi are the three biggest ride-share companies in Asia. In September, Didi Kuaidi pumped $100 million into Lyft in an effort to boost the pink mustachioed company in its stateside fight with Uber. Today's announcement further exemplifies the seriousness in which these ride-share firms are about taking Uber down.

Details about the partnership remain vague

The terms of their partnership are somewhat vague. According to Lyft: "the companies will collaborate and leverage each other's technology, local market knowledge and business resources so that international travelers can seamlessly access local on-demand rides by using the same application they use at home. Each company will handle mapping, routing and payments through a secure API, providing the best global experience for the millions of travelers that cross between the US, Southeast Asia, India and China every year."

It's unclear how the companies will share revenue, if at all, or whether Lyft users will be automatically sent to one of the other e-hail companies when searching for rides in their respective countries.

"We're excited to join with Didi, Grab and Ola to make global travel simpler for passengers. Together they will allow Lyft to offer the world's best coverage, while building upon our shared vision of reconnecting communities through better transportation," said Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer in a statement. "This isn't solely a partnership of four companies, but also an opportunity to have a greater impact on the future of our cities worldwide."

Naturally, there was zero mention of Uber in Lyft's announcement of the new global partnership.

Lyft is currently seeking to raise $500 million, according to Bloomberg. Together, the four ride-share companies have raised a total $7 billion, which is still less than Uber's $10 billion raised over five years. Which calls to mind the famous quote by Omar on HBO's The Wire: "You come at the king, you best not miss."