Anyone out there with a new XPS 15/13?


It's finally time to put my POS 2011 XPS 15 to bed. Other than design and build quality she's been a lovely beast. Right now I have my eyes set on the new XPS 15 and I'm so close to pulling the trigger but one thing is stopping me: the carbon fiber.

Sure carbon fiber is extremely strong when considering its strength to weight ratio but to me its just another form of plastic. I hate plastic. I suffered through 3 smartphones before I finally decided to purchase a metal HTC One M7 a couple of years ago. Ever since then I vowed never to buy anything over $500 on something that was made out of plastic. Plastic is cheaper in materials, cheaper to design around, feels lower in quality compared to metal, flakes, chips, and dents easily. Oh and it creaks because its not as stiff. No phone or any device should ever creak or flex greatly. If another company is spending more money and giving more attention to detail to their design while selling their device similarly to a plastic device, why would I buy the plastic device?

Now on to the new XPS 15. Yes the bottom and top are made out of aluminum and feel awesome but they are sandwiched between a piece of plastic! Why couldn't you just make a laptop out of a single piece like the Macbook?? Plastic just doesn't last as long as metal and when it comes to device that will be used extensively and for a long period of time (5+ years) why would you choose to make it out of plastic? Especially on the sides were there are ports that you will be plugging in every day.

My main concern with the device is the durability of the carbon fiber and rubber coating that is applied to it. Any sort of coating rubs off with use and this one seams like it wont last long at all. While it does feel nice to the touch I think this was an idiotic move.

So my question is: Does anyone out there have a new XPS 15/13 and how is the rubber coating faring? I can foresee after a couple of months of use some wear and tear where your palms would rest.