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VR platformer Lucky's Tale will ship free with the Oculus Rift next year

With preorders for the Oculus Rift potentially only weeks — or theoretically even days — away, Oculus has announced a second game that will be bundled with its virtual reality headset. Lucky's Tale (not to be confused with Rift inventor Palmer Luckey) is a third-person platformer that first appeared as a demo in 2014. Lucky's Tale puts players in "dozens" of virtual locales with a cartoon fox, who they'll control with the included Xbox One gamepad, since Oculus' motion controllers aren't coming out until later in the year. This diorama-esque style is being used in several Oculus launch titles, including survival horror game Edge of Nowhere, a less whimsical and more Lovecraftian third-person game.

We've previously heard that multiplayer space dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie will also be bundled with the Rift, although it's mentioned as a preorder bonus, not something that will ship with every headset. We don't know when those preorders will start, but Luckey has tweeted that they'll be opening "soon after [the] new year," saying that Oculus is still on track to launch in the first quarter of 2016. Unfortunately, while this news is good for potential customers, it still means we don't know how much non-bundled Rift games will cost. Games for the Gear VR mobile headset generally run between $5 and $10, and Oculus Studios — which is publishing Lucky's Tale — has said that it's still figuring out how much people should pay for virtual reality games.