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Star Wars characters and their cats drawn by Disney artists

Grizandnorm on Instagram

In their free time, feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio, Griselda and Normand Lemay, fill their shared Instagram account with colorful drawings of Disney characters, cats, and sometimes Disney characters holding cats. This month, they celebrated the release of The Force Awakens by publishing a collection of pictures featuring iconic Star Wars characters partnered with matching feline.

You can see some of those pictures below, but I urge you to follow the Instagram account. A couple months ago, they posted a series of extravagant high-heel shoes. And a few months before that, they ran a series of sketches of women's league baseball players. I keep trying to write this post, only to get distracted surfing through the account's archive.

Princes Leia and her fluffy kitty. #griz #grizandnorm #kittycatclub #starwars #fanart #princess #leia #fluffy #cat #kitty

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The Force Awakens First reaction