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Twitter finally brings GIFs and other features to its Mac app

Twitter finally brings GIFs and other features to its Mac app

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Twitter's Mac app is getting a big update today. The app is finally getting support for about a half-dozen features that have been available on Twitter's website for months or longer, including the ability to view GIFs, play videos inline, mute specific users, use native quote tweets, privately message groups, and get personalized highlights. Yes, none of that was available before. The app is also getting a minor visual revamp, with images and quote tweets now displaying like they do on the web. There's a new dark color theme for the app, too. Faves (RIP) have also been replaced with Likes.

Highlights may be the best addition

One of the key additions in this update is the inclusion of Twitter's Highlights feature. Highlights has flown a bit under the radar in comparison to Moments, but it's one of the best ways to explore Twitter and find out what you may have missed. It's only been available on Android, but this release suggests that Highlights could start to get some more attention.

Twitter likes to its Mac app once every year or so to give people who still use it a glimmer of hope. Today's update is the biggest it's received in a while, and Twitter seems to be suggesting that it's the start of something more. The app's release notes begin, "Don’t call it a comeback!" — we won't, but we'd certainly welcome more frequent updates.