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Enigmatic car maker Faraday Future shows teaser trailer ahead of CES press conference

Faraday Future is a secretive, young, well-founded company that will debut to the world next week at CES. And, like so many other car companies, Faraday is slowly building the hype. Drip... by drip... by drip.

The company posted a 10-second teaser video to Twitter that... well, really doesn't show much of anything aside from a glimpse of a race car with absurd headlights that may or may not be the concept to be introduced.

Also featured in the video is carbon fiber, some styled metal bits, a front quarter panel and wheel of a car on a race track, and more shots of a race track. Could Faraday Future be building a electric sports car? Maybe! They also might be building something else entirely: Faraday has said previously that they're looking at creating some sort of autonomous vehicle subscription model, which wouldn't work very well on the track. Either way, we might have a much better idea of what they're up to after Faraday Future's press conference at CES, five short days from now.

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