Well, I gave a Large Phone a chance...


But I don't know how you people are dealing w/ these huge phones. I've got XL hands, but texting and downswiping to the notifications menu is a chore.

I tried out the Nexus 5X, and I'm coming from a 2013 Moto X, so I know I'm in the minority, but geez...

It's a shame too, because the camera is so much better on the 5X. It makes me consider hanging onto it, until I start texting, or putting it into my pocket. Then, nope.

Size Comparison

After 100+ votes, it's pretty affirming to see that over 1/3 of people would prefer the old "normal" sized option of the Z5 Compact. Manufacturers, I hope you're listening. But... I'm sure you're not. Good news is that Android hardware makers all tend to follow the iPhone if nothing else, and I hear they'll be making a "small" 4" model. Please, copy them.

Reticulating poll splines...