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US might roll back its anti-ISIS propaganda after questions from the tech industry

The US State Department has been quietly battling terrorism in an online counter-propaganda war for years now, with arguably limited success. The agency may now be quietly set to roll back its ambitions, as a panel that included members of the tech industry expressed skepticism for the program, The Washington Post reported this week.

According to the Post, a six-member review group of marketing experts, including some from Google and Twitter, questioned whether the government should even be operating such a program at all. Although the group's full findings have not been made publicly available, it seems the State Department took them seriously enough to consider scaling down its online campaigns, the Post reports.

The review specifically raised doubts about propaganda messages posted under the State Department seal — presumably including social media accounts like the The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications' "Think Again, Turn Away" anti-terrorism campaign, which has already been criticized for its lack of effectiveness, despite an active social media presence.