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The creators of The Good Wife are making a show about a female papal spokesperson

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Robert King and Michelle King, creators of CBS's wildly popular show The Good Wife, have sold a series about a female papal spokesperson to Amazon, Deadline reports. Vatican City will tell the story of a woman working as a journalist at a news network in Rome who is tapped to become the pope's official spokesperson.

Pope show

Outside the television universe, it's unusual for a woman to hold a position of power on the papal staff. This year, just two women work as undersecretaries in the city state. But Vatican City imagines a liberal pope trying to upend hundreds of years of gender imbalance. But even in the fictional world we haven't gotten a female pope yet — that's probably another story.

Earlier this year, Amazon inked a deal to make Prime the exclusive home of three of CBS's upcoming series, one of which was BrainDead, a zombie show also created by the Kings. Those shows will air on CBS four days before hitting Prime. There are no details yet on when Vatican City will premiere or who will star in it.