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The Stanley Parable designer’s new game is free, and it’s wonderfully weird

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What exactly is Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist about? I don't honestly know. Even the writer of the Steam description kind of just gave up after this bit here: "Slip into the soft-soled shoes of the mastermind responsible for the greatest heist-." That kind of dry humor and absurdist charm is part of the charm of William Pugh's games, whose previous work includes The Stanley Parable.

Dr. Langeskov has some star power attached, with voicework from British comedian Simon Amstell (Never Mind the Buzzcocks) and, very briefly, Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty). More importantly, though, the game is out now for PC and Mac. And sure, it only takes 15 minutes to play (according to Pugh's estimates), but it's completely free.

Just remember: the Amadori Mansion won the 1912 Award for the most entrances and exits.