Switching from Macbook to PC laptop - suggestions?


I have a late 2008 unibody aluminum macbook (what was renamed a macbook pro is 2009). It's been a good machine. Used it for five years after I aquired it from my girlfriend. It has 8GB of ram and I just put a 480SSD in it earlier this year but the new OS is horrible. So slow and buggy, even on my 2012 quad core i7 mac mini with 16GB of ram. It has me wanting to move away from macs and even iphone. Getting sick of everything being integrated with no upgrade paths unlike my current macbook.

I don't want to spend a fortune on a new laptop. Otherwise I'd probably just get a new macbook pro 15" with dedicated GPU at $2400. But I want to spend about half that. Maybe about $1200. But I'm looking for a Windows 10 machine with at least 8GB of ram and upgradable to more. Also upgradable SSD. HDMI out, SD in, USB3, support for 4k or 5K external monitor, dedicated GPU, bonus if it can run Da Vinci Resolve. An i5 or i7 CPU and a 13-15" screen. A good trackpad is a must. I've been spoiled by the apple trackpad.

I don't care about thinness. But I don't want a super venty 2" thick plastic 1990's looking machine either. Something all aluminum would be nice but at this price I don't expect it.

I use this machine for mostly web browsing and writing but also some video editing and photoshop and lightroom work.

Any suggestions?