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Here’s that $2.2 million Bugatti yacht you didn’t know you needed

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Ultra-exotic car maker Bugatti doesn't currently have any cars in production, and it's months away from showing its next model — the Chiron — to the public. But that doesn't mean you can't buy Bugatti-branded stuff right now. Very expensive Bugatti-branded stuff, in fact.

Meet the Niniette, a series of three luxe boats ranging from 42 to 88 feet in length made by yacht builder Palmer Johnson, which is licensing the Bugatti name. "Niniette" was the nickname of Lidia Bugatti, daughter of company founder Ettore. As you might expect with a Bugatti-branded boat, all three are covered in titanium and carbon fiber, accented by Bugatti's trademark blue.

Don't expect the Niniette to keep up with a Veyron: it tops out around 38 knots (44 mph), which is still pretty quick for a giant boat. The smallest model, the 43-footer, starts at €2 million — but you'll pay €3.25 million for the 63-footer, and the biggest 88-footer doesn't even have a listed price. Presumably, it's not cheap. Naturally, none of the list prices include the cost of any additional bespoke customization that you'd like — a diamond-crusted steering wheel or gilded lavatory hardware, perhaps.

Get your order in now: Palmer Johnson has a 12-month production time for the boats, which means you won't realistically be luxuriating across the Mediterranean until 2017 at the earliest.