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Final Fantasy VII port is now on PS4

Final Fantasy VII port is now on PS4

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All of the hype is around the full Final Fantasy VII remake, but if you want to replay the classic Playstation title on your PS4, we have some good news for you. The port of the 2013 HD version made for PC is available on the PS4 today, the company announced at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco. The game retails for $15.99, but it's on sale at $10.87 for the next week.

The ported version was first announced at last year's PlayStation Experience, and it was originally planned for a spring 2015 release. It was delayed, but now it's here. Notably, this version is different than the PS1 version that was made available on the PS3 years ago. It runs at higher resolution and includes trophies, among other changes. If you've never played the 1997 classic, now you have yet another chance to give it a play through before the remake comes out some time next year. The HD port of the game is also available on iOS.