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Ron Swanson dies and goes to heaven

Ron Swanson dies and goes to heaven


Man with beard lands dream role as whisky advertiser

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Nick Offerman may be best known as the spouse of very funny person Megan Mullally, but he's also one of the world's preeminent spokespeople for earthy masculinity — and now, Lagavulin whisky. Reprising most of his role as a beard-having, steak-eating, nature-conquering, plaid-wearing, personal responsibility zealot on Parks and Recreation (and even his Netflix special American Ham), Offerman does what he does best: mostly nothing.

Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log' is nearly 45 minutes of Nick Offerman sitting in a grand leather chair in front of a crackling fireplace, drinking single malt scotch whisky. There are no interruptions, no loops, and no words spoken. We leave him at the foot of the fireplace, the whisky unfinished. One must imagine Ron Swanson happy.