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There's got to be a better name than 'The Founders' for the generation after Millennials

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This job can't be left up to 13-year-olds

SHUTTERSTOCK kid generation z
SHUTTERSTOCK kid generation z

We all know about Millennials — the generation born roughly between the early ‘80s and 2000 — but how are we going to grossly oversimplify the next generation? Clearly, we need a name. Generation Z might be the default choice, but MTV of all things has taken it upon itself to find out a better name. And the channel has decided to go straight to the source: that's right, the one-time music video channel partnered with a branding agency to survey a bunch (1,047 to be exact) of 13- and 14-year-olds.

Over 500 names were brainstormed and the winner is... The Founder Generation. If that doesn't tickle your tongue, you could go with just "The Founders" for short. Yeah.

The "Regenerator Generation." Ugh.

The name is actually fairly interesting, as it quite clearly appropriates some of the language used around the tech industry. And tech, perhaps unsurprisingly, is core to this generation, with 91 percent apparently saying that "technology has helped my generation understand people who are different in terms of race, religion and sexuality."

The rest of the top five was rounded out with some pretty poor choices. In order, starting in second place, was the Bridge Generation, followed by the Builder Generation, the Regenerator Generation, and the Navigator Generation. The Regenerators. Ugh.

Clearly this isn't a job that should be left to tweens — what are your suggestions?