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Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service offers better value 12-month subscription

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PlayStation Now, Sony's service that lets you stream a selection of PS3 games to your PS4, Vita, and other devices, has widely been seen as too expensive since its beta and subsequent launch; individual games can cost a lot to rent, and right now a subscription costs $19.99 for one month or $44.99 for three. If you're sure you'll want to use the service for a while, though, Sony's now giving a more affordable option — a 12-month plan for $99.99.

That's over 55 percent cheaper than the regular price, Sony notes, and at just over $8 a month puts PlayStation Now firmly in Netflix territory. The offer is for a "limited time," though, and the service still feels limited and experimental; streaming PS3 games in 2015 is a pretty niche activity. But the catalog continues to expand — December 8th will see the addition of popular Warner Bros games including the original Batman Arkham trilogy. And if more people get used to the idea of streaming, rather than downloading, their games, PlayStation Now could serve as a peek into the future of the industry.